About Myself

Political Libertarian, ardent defender of the free market economy, I guess you could say I’m one of the few and only Scots who support Capitalism and the free market. I enjoy sharing my views for what I hold knowledge of, for me there is nothing greater than passing knowledge onto others. Passionate of history and liberty, here I seek to share with others what I have learned. I believe the key to liberty is knowledge, with history on my side it would be a bonus to influence a great many others. No truer words could have been spoken when Ron Paul said “Speak up, speak often and don’t worry about those that at this point cannot understand as they can never un-hear what we tell them.” With that in mind, I continue to fight to get the word out there to people because I believe people deserve to know the truth.

I voted no in the Scottish Independence Referendum, for my own reasons of the fear of this country pushing more to the left. I’m also a photographer aiming towards professional photography, currently ongoing study. An enthusiast in the different nature, culture, love adventure and portraiture. Hope this brief gives you a little insight to myself.




    • Well I have always been proud and patriotic of my country and our identity. It just seems as though a lot of people abroad tend to get confused. I think the fault the guy made was stating it was a ‘Union Jack’. The only time the Union flag becomes known as a ‘Union Jack’ is when it’s been flown on a Navy vessel or by the Navy. But you’re right, a lot of others do get confused, this is pretty common in many other countries.

      • I had a friend when I lived in Germany who was English and even he didn’t explain it. I now have a friend who is Scottish, but I got confused when he said that he was British. I always thought that the Scots hated the Brits (thank you Braveheart). It’s always been assumed that the Scots felt the same way as the Irish and early Americans (who had to fight two wars – one for freedom and one to maintain it).

        And I’ve always called your Union flag the Union Jack, as that’s all that I’ve ever heard it called.

  1. It’s because we are British, the Scots that tend to hate being called British either support Glasgow Celtic and are bitter faced Nationalists, or you have fellow Scots that despise being called British for whatever reason. Fact is, they are British, they hold British passports. That’s why certain Scots will tell you proudly they are British, because that’s what we are, British. But of course for me personally, I’m Scottish first and foremost, British second.

    As for America, it’s ruled by the British crown, it may have won it’s freedom in 1776, but long after that the corruption finally got it’s way. The same Scottish Nationalists are ignorant towards the American south with the Confederate flag because we’ve been fed lies about how the south fought for slavery, which is far from the case. The Union flag, I suppose it’s common to hear it called that, but it’s officially only called a Union Jack only when it’s flown by the Navy.

    • And our first war for independence began in 1775 in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts until 1779 in Yorktown, Virginia. But fighting continued through 1783.

      The second war that I was referring to was the War of 1812 (currently having its bicentennial celebrations) which went on from 1811 to 1814, but a major battle was fought in New Orleans in 1815. This was the war in which the British troops burned Washington, DC and bombarded Baltimore – Francis Scott Key was a prisoner in the harbor and wrote the Star Spangled Banner about the fight.

      Our Civil War/War Between the States was fought from 1861 to 1865. I doubt that you would have found any white soldier on either side fighting for or against slavery. There were freed black men who became soldiers who were fighting for their own, families’, friends’ freedom. It was mostly the southern states not wanting to be told what to do by the North, and the North not wanting to have the Union split apart.
      – Queen Victoria’s proclamation of British neutrality referred to “hostilities … between the Government of the United States of America and certain States styling themselves the Confederate States of America.”

      I’m a US military child who has lived all over the States. My dad is from New Hampshire, my mom from New York, I was born in Hawaii, and my brother was born in Rhode Island. We have lived in New England, throughout the South, and Germany. We live in Virginia, but we don’t fly the Confederate flag. That war was 150 years ago, the South lost. Time to move on…

      Can you tell that I’m a bit of a nerd??

      • You’re very much correct on all of this, especially about 1812, which was the second attempt by the Rothschild Bankers to takeover control of America, of course Andrew Jackson defeated them in that battle. Also interesting point about the American Star Spangled Banner.

        You’re also correct upon the American civil war, which was fought defending their families, also a political thing, the south was fighting tyranny, which of course was Abraham Lincoln, as he was going to place a heavy tariff upon the south, this they did not want. Plus there’s a quote somewhere showing how racist Abraham Lincoln was, I remember someone had posted a quote to me from somewhere. And yes, the south was also fighting against progressiveness, because this is exactly what the corrupted bankers wanted. The very reason why the south is put down through the mainstream media is because it’s very classic liberal and conservative, the leftists don’t like this.

        And I’m proud to hang the Confederate flag on my wall, obviously because a friend gave me that and due to the fact it’s a big part of our own history. The biggest reason however is like I’ve stated, they’re very classic liberal and conservative, in other words, they’re for Capitalism and it’s free markets. Doesn’t surprise me why the south is taking rise again and being the first one to do so, no wonder the support for Ron Paul is strong in the south, because he’s a Capitalist.

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