President Donald Trump and the Hillary Riots

Having studied Socialism over several years and been in countless arguments on YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook with people on the Left it came of no real surprise to me of what was ahead. The build up to the Brexit movement with the European Union Referendum was a prime example of what we were to see, all it takes is an understanding of Socialism and the mindset of the Left to understand that emotion is placed above reason. Being a political Libertarian and ardent defender of the free market economy I was largely an outsider from many as many people may not understand what a free market economy is, therefore a majority of people tend to sway towards the mixed economy. One thing however I knew was coming was the irrational and violent behaviour of the Left depending on the results taken place, whether that was the European Union Referendum or the U.S. Presidential Elections.

Something I kept in mind was that despite the fact many people may never have heard of Libertarianism or understand the free market, I confidently remained quiet in the background knowing full well that the actions of the Left with irrational, emotional, violent behaviour would not do themselves any service, with videos I produced in the past providing this type of information I knew that many who did not understand to the same extent would begin to waken up, in other words the Left have more or less shot themselves in the foot, whilst fighting for what they believe in their name calling and violent attacks only created a Nationalist movement that would create strong division in both the United Kingdom and the United States.


The attitude of countless people on the Left is that if they don’t get things their own way they will throw the toys out the pram and cause trouble, whilst I believe in the freedom to protest what must not be ignored are the countless people who did not vote out protesting in London against leaving the European Union, many of which were so-called ‘Anarcho-Syndicalists’, which is really just another term for ‘Libertarian Socialists’, an oxymoron, they were protesting to remain part of one of the biggest Corporatist regimes on the face of the planet, the European Union led by one of the biggest governments you can think of. There you have the typical contradiction of the Left; supporting Anarchy but defending to remain part of one of the biggest Corporatist regimes on the planet, yet these are the same people who proclaim to be against Fascism, well that is Economic Fascism.

This is no different to the Presidential election of 2016 which led to the rise of President Donald Trump, I may not be the biggest fan of Donald Trump and sceptical of many of the things he comes out and says, after all politicians can certainly make promises but who’s to say those promises will come to fruition? Politicians are very good at making promises in order to win votes. Besides the point, with Hillary Clinton having lost the Presidential Election to Donald Trump, surprise, surprise, the same thing all over again; violence and riots, vandalising private property all of which they fail to comprehend is paid for by the taxpayer. Whilst the United States is not a Democracy as such and is a Constitutional Republic, the vote of the American people must be respected as is the choice of Donald Trump being President.

For me it is now a question of what he does, will he live up to expectations of the promises he made to the people who voted for him, or will he be a complete disaster, time will only tell, one thing we can say however is that he’s an improvement to the likes of former President of the United States, Barack Obama, let’s hope he carries out the deregulation and lowering tax rates he proposed, but one must ask, where is he getting the money from to pay for the wall? My guess, the American people are about to pay the heavy price.

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