video Globalism vs Nationalism: Ben Shapiro Explains Globalism and Free Markets

I remember the first time I came across Ben Shapiro on YouTube and became a big fan of much of what he says. I was posting a lot of YouTube videos on why Socialism doesn’t work and why people should favour Capitalism pointing out the rights and wrongs. Someone had once recommended me to check out one of his videos as he was apparently very good at taking down people in arguments on mainstream media. The first thing that strikes you is that he is very knowledgeable in what he speaks about, one of my favourite videos I watched of him was on the mind of the left.

The recent Brexit movement and with the rise of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States over the immigration issue has been a very big talking point and again I have so much respect for Ben Shapiro’s opinion on the matter, I’m very much like minded in the sense that I strongly value the free market and for those of you who may not know a free market is all about the free and voluntary exchange in the marketplace. One thing many people confuse in the debate between Globalism vs Nationalism is the difference of Globalism that the Globalists want (which is a one world government), to that of the Globalism Ben Shapiro speaks of with free trade. It is in my belief that if countries play unfairly, let them, no one forces you to trade with those countries, there are hundreds of other nations who would happily freely trade with your own and a free market in the United States would massively benefit the country.

I can somewhat understand people’s reasoning behind protectionist tariffs, however it irks me because throughout history all the protectionist tariffs caused was war. I think in this video at least Ben Shapiro touches upon the issue nicely and is perhaps the reason why I’m not one of Donald Trump’s biggest fans, I respect him for certain things he said he would do but remain sceptical, such as lowering the tax rates and deregulation of the economy. It would only ever be a dream come true if we could see the paper FIAT currency abolished and replaced with something like Gold and Silver or even BitCoin, but all seems far fetched.

I fear with the Brexit movement and the Donald Trump movement it has become perhaps a bit too protectionist for me. I can understand the logic behind it as controlled immigration is something logical due to all the war intervention that caused trouble and with the terrorist attacks etc, with that being said however I’m more in support of decentralised controlled immigration. I do think it’s a waste of money building a wall at Mexico’s border but if he wishes to solve the issue I think there are other ways around that and although some may disagree I believe the welfare state is a big part of that problem and replacing that with voluntary contribution through charitable operations.

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