video Legend of Jason Unruhe Part 1

Jason Unruhe is someone popular on YouTube who is proudly Communist. I first came across his channel when someone pointed to me to one of his videos claiming that Nazi Germany was Capitalist. The first video response I did to Jason Unruhe was on Nazi Germany where upon I made a lengthy video, out of no surprise he missed out the most important information I pointed out and that was that Capitalism is an Individualist ideology and that you cannot take Capitalism outside of Individualism. The reason religious zealots of Socialism such as himself cannot stand this fact is because Fascism is a branch of Collectivism and another word for Collectivism is Socialism.

This video I set out introducing Jason Unruhe for entertainment purposes and to point out his fallacious arguments, one of which he claims that the people who died on 9/11 were apparently not innocent. Saying that with the amount of ignorant Socialists I’ve come across on YouTube it comes of no surprise why he has a large following.

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