European Union: Sir Richard Branson on the Andrew Marr Show

With less than a few years away now from the referendum to vote for whether we wish to remain part of the European Union or not, I felt this was something important that I wanted to address. The BBC in the past few years have made it abundantly clear on their position, they no longer hide their biased views. I’ve watched several interviews the BBC has had with Nigel Farage and at every given moment they have attacked him viciously with false accusations, the usual left-wing bias, even Question Time and various other programmes the crowds they pick are clearly favoured to the left. There was no better illustration of this than the last General Election debate where Nigel Farage rightly called them out for how leftist the crowd really were, the polls suggested that showing that the people at home support Nigel.

The BBC have made it very clear that anything they have to show on the European Union they will propagate it in the most positive light, rather quite obvious the reason why considering they earn a large wage packet from them. I was requested to watch a video of a recent interview Andrew Marr had on his show with Sir Richard Branson which I was happily obliged to, I’m a fan of Sir Richard Branson for the great that he has achieved as a very successful entrepreneur, however watching the interview I couldn’t help but think that his opinion on the European Union is one sided, he’s really only in it for his own businesses self-interest, this seems to be the case with big businesses today where they support big government simply because they know they can lobby the government to regulate and stamp out competition from the smaller competitors by weighing them down.

If there is one thing that irks me the most is this idea that by leaving the European Union we would some how be regressing, as if to claim the European Union brought us forward in this world of trade, which is nonsense. The European Union has been a failure since it began and it was never going to work successfully economically; we have seen the failing Eurozone crisis, the mess of countries such as Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, France, Italy and Spain, yet here we are led to believe that the European Union is the greatest thing since sliced bread. What irks me is the propaganda we’re fed with that if we leave we would be struggling with taxes etc, sure that maybe true if Britain avoids moving in a free market direction, but look at Iceland who by the year have been pushing more towards a free market, they’re doing very well for themselves. It is clear for this reason that big businesses are really only in this for themselves. The European Union is over regulated, it’s weighing down our smaller businesses and is anti-Free Market; the fact of the matter is, who says that by leaving the European Union we couldn’t trade with Europe by having a free trade agreement. As of now we are restricted from trading with the rest of the world and for as long as we remain a part of this nightmare, we’re deemed to decades of Corporatism.

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