Scotty M: Libertarian Introduction

Throughout my life I have always been fiercely passionate of my own space, possessions and always been a person to speak my own free mind independently. I didn’t approach politics and economics until my later life. I was constantly pestered with the question of whether I was a lefty or a righty. Being in that position as I hadn’t really the interest in politics or economics at the time I went with what claimed to stand for ‘liberalism’. It wasn’t until I became educated in the historical, economical and political background that when I look back at that, it’s easy to see why many fall into that trap. One thing can be said however; peoples desire for liberty is part of human nature.

My enthusiasm towards politics perhaps grew over the years as a result of not only being pestered with questions I had no understanding of, but peoples strong dislike towards Margaret Thatcher. One of my greatest influences in many ways I can thank for sending me on the right path, although much of what I learned from him I studied myself independently to grasp an understanding of what things meant. I studied things from a non-biased perspective, I had no political affiliation other than my desire for liberty and thanks to one of my greatest influences having questioned about Socialism and what’s wrong with it, the response I got was blunt, he said: “Scott, Socialism is an economic parasite, most people don’t understand economics, it’s very dangerous.” I remember standing confused thinking to myself “how can a political ideology be dangerous, what’s wrong with it?” When you lurk around the internet and you read from other people you see the usual claims about how Socialism is all for the working class people, it’s all for egalitarianism and perhaps at that time I thought to myself “well, what’s wrong with that?” These questions lurking around my head grew my enthusiasm to study Socialism and of course intrigued to find out why so many people despised Thatcher.

One thing that has always been on my side and is one of my greatest strengths is knowledge, I have a strong memory, another thing I suppose I could say I have is common sense. Studying the history, reading and watching the disasters of Socialism, it became very clear to me why Socialism is dangerous. When I look around me to all these people who are ardent supporters of Socialism, analysing their arguments it becomes very clear that everything they define Socialism by is theoretical but does not exist; but the Socialism in practice they brush it under the carpet as if it doesn’t exist. It’s not until you study the flaws of Socialism that you begin to realise why it fails. A prime example would be the contradiction of aiming for a moneyless society, yet millions around us every day demand higher paid wages.

When studying about Capitalism for myself having been given the right direction, remaining open minded it became clear not only from history but Capitalism itself, people completely misunderstand Capitalism. For me the key to liberty was knowledge and there was no better way to learn than from history itself and when you read the history it becomes crystal clear how much it contradicts people who support Socialism.

From what I have learned Socialists tend to cling to Socialism based around what it’s ‘supposed to be’ rather than what it has ‘proven to be’. When people attempt to place theory above practice, that for me is the biggest mistake anyone could make. It’s not difficult to understand that just because something looks good on paper it doesn’t mean to say it will turn out that way when put into practice; just like if I write a book called ‘The Theories of How Pigs Can Fly’, it doesn’t matter what I’ve written into a book, what truly matters is how it turns out when tried and tested in the real world and in that case, it wouldn’t matter how hard I try, the laws of gravity would defy me.

So I created my YouTube Channel and have designated this blog to providing much useful information which I hope I can pass on to others as I feel there are a great many people out there who are open minded, who do wish to learn and it’s those people I aim to reach out to. I have managed to waken up several people in the past and that for me means more than anything as that is what I’m passionate for, putting what I have learned out there to teach others the right and wrongs of Capitalism, to show people the path.

I shall leave you with my channel introduction and look forward to discussing many things with you as I go along. Thank you,


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  1. Scott you make yourself sound like you are well into retirement. I love reading your blogs they are so well researched and absouletly well put together.

    Amazing how people think that the decisions they make are well informed choices. I guess you could say that that completely contradicts my belief that we live in a democratic society.

    • Well that is the thing Erin, I take great interest to the economic history and certainly have strong knowledge in the subject and is one of my passions, especially for passing on my information to other people so that others can learn from it. This information is now out there for people to come across my blog, even on YouTube as the blog is linked to the video. That’s the problem today, too many people blaming Capitalism for what is not Capitalism’s fault, they confuse Capitalism with Fascism, which are two completely and entirely different ideologies and what we are faced with today is Economic Fascism and that being the fault of those who deem to repeat history as they don’t understand history.

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