Scottish Independence Referendum Results

So as we know, the Scottish Independence referendum has past usĀ and Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom. The Scottish Independence debate had been boiling up over a long period of time in the past two years and I feel what intensified the flames was a lot of the poverty issues that the country is … Continue reading

Capitalism: Trade in the Market

Trade is something which is of great importance to not only businesses who make profits, but for nations to prosper. The voluntary exchange in the market place can lead to better standards of living and improve relations between countries and people. We see trade everywhere, whether it is consumers buying goods within the market place, … Continue reading


CAPITALISM vs CORPORATISM “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” ~ Benito Mussolini Corporatism, one of the most misunderstood ideologies that so many people confuse with Capitalism. To help you understand why there is such a confusion, you must first understand that Corporatism is the … Continue reading

VOTING: We Are Northern Lights

We Are Northern Lights is a documentary film on Scotland, of what the people see, what they would like to see, whether things from their past or what they see of the future. A fantastic representation of Scotland and her people. I remember just last year, the We Are Northern Lights team had came across … Continue reading

Entering That Phase

I’m sure we have all been there, the phase where you are content in life, being excited, looking forward to something, and then without realising it, you develop feelings toward someone, things end up complicated and you find yourself entering that phase again. The phase can take you through different levels. Some depressive, others confused, … Continue reading


What a lot of people seem to have trouble comprehending, are the differences between Capitalism and Fascism. People for some strange reason seem to believe that Fascism is an extreme form of Capitalism, which technically, it’s not. What people don’t seem to understand, is that Capitalism, is the only economic theory that is Individualist. Individualism … Continue reading

Thomas Jefferson Slavery

One of the biggest problems I find with American history is the propaganda that floats around, and much of this is the fault of the educational system, as the material fed out is grossly over exaggerated and false. Another thing to blame is the propagandist mainstream media controlled by the Globalists. One of things you … Continue reading

What Are Neoconservatives?

For people who are new to politics or know very little about Politics, the different terminologies used can often be quite confusing. Conservatism alone is a very confused word today and part of this problem is the fault of the current political system. Take for example the United States of America and the United Kingdom. … Continue reading